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  • What are Global Wellness Centres?

    The mission of the Global Wellness Centers is to provide people with the quality of life and overall well-being they need, through a healthy spine and a perfectly functioning nervous system.

  • What is Chiropractic?

    Chiropractic is a science at the service of wellness, which is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system affects and influences every single function of the human body, thus conditioning the health and the quality of life of the human being.

  • What type of training do the experts in Postural Correction have?

    The team of Postural Correction specialists at Global Wellness comprises certified professionals in Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Osteopathy, who attend a studying and academic training program in the areas of Anatomy, Physiology or Neurology. Afterwards, they undergo an intensive training program at Globall Wellness in the practices of nutrition, physical exercise, natural alternatives to drugs and technical skills, many of them possessing a strong technological component.

  • What type of training do the experts in Chiropractic have?

    Specialists in Chiropractic go through an intense studying and academic training program, similarly to that of conventional doctors, in the areas of Anatomy, Physiology and Neurology. Not only that, but their academic background gives a particular emphasis on the practices of nutrition, physical exercise and natural alternatives to drugs.

    Chiropractors also develop a set of technical skills, many of them possessing a strong technological component.

    The number of Chripractic specialists has grown worldwide, mirroring the fact that Chiropractic has been adopted has an effective way of promoting well-being.

  • How do Global Wellness Centres work?

    The path of any person that joins a Globall Wellness Center always starts with a careful process of evaluation of their clinical history and of their lifestyle habits. Based on this process, the specialist in Postural Correction will prepare an individualized Plan of Adjustments, suited to each person’s condition.

    Next, personal data are entered into the Pro-Adjuster computer system, which allows for the specialist to understand with great detail the specific levels of alignment or misalignment of each person’s spine. This personal information will then be available on the computer, so that the Specialist can refer to it at each adjustment session

  • What is Global Wellness Centres Technology?

    Global Wellness uses a technology that is fast, safe and absolutely painless. During the adjustment session, the Specialist will apply Pro-Adjuster’s pulses of force resonance over the affected vertebrae or areas with the help of proper equipment, observing their corrective effects on the computer. Through this process, the individual is subject to a soft and effective adjustment of the spine, thereby decreasing or eliminating the existent subluxation, with all the benefits that come with it. The adjustment will not only bring about effective benefits to the functioning of the nervous system, but it will also help relieve the pain!

  • What is a subluxation?

    A subluxation is a pressure on a nerve that arises from the misalignment of a vertebra of the spine. This situation may lead from a very simple ill feeling to a varied set of symptoms, such as a headache, fatigue, sleep disturbances, sinusitis and allergies or pain in any part of the body.

    There are many situations that give rise to a subluxation, like na accident, a bad posture, an incorrect diet, lack of exercise, damages caused by giving birth, by exercises, stress or others.

    Nearly every single person, at some point in their lives, will end up going through this experience. However, in many cases, symptoms only show up much later.

  • Should I go to a Global Wellness Centre?

    Everyone should regularly attend a Global Wellness Center, just like they should regulary go to the dentist. The regular use of Postural Correction allows for the placement of the vertebrae in their proper position, thus relieving the pressure put upon the nerves and promoting the continued well-being of the individual.

  • What is treated at a Global Wellness Centre?

    Global Wellness Centers are not devoted to the treatment of diseases, “pathologies” or “symptoms”. The Postural Correction specialists at Global Wellness are mainly oriented to detect the “CAUSE” behind the symptom or pain. After determining that the cause is related to the misalignment of the spine and that that is negatively influencing the nervous system and, consequently, the proper functioning of the various organs that make up our body, our professionals will prepare a specific program to correct or adjust the spine, in order to improve your health and well-being.

    Some of the “signs” of organic deficiency of the nervous system, caused by the improper alignment of the spine are: fatigue, mood swings, headaches, sleep disturbances, lumbar or neck pains, digestive or respiratory problems, among others.

  • Is Posture Correction safe? Are the treatments painful?

    The Global Wellness Centers are, probably, the safest place where you can get your spine corrected or aligned. The correction of the spine, drone through the alignment or adjustament of each vertebra is a completely painless procedure. This practice is safe both for newborns and for adults with advanced osteoporosis.

  • How much does a Posture Correction program cost?

    The Global Wellness Centers prepare Postural Correction programs tailored to each individual case, so figures can really vary. However, the cost of a corrective plan is quite affordable, taking into account the savings that are associated with a healthier and improved quality of life. Long-term quality of life will translate into less lost working days, less diseases, less medicines and a happier family life.

  • What should I do to book a Spine and Nervous System exam at Global Wellness?

    That’s simple! Just cal our Center at Parque das Nações, in Lisbon. In the first instance, we will ask you to bring us any recent X-rays of your spine (cervical, dorsal and lumbar). However, you are welcome to bring any medical exams that you’ve got, such as CT scans, MRIs, EMGs, blood test results and surgical reports. These will help us understand your specific situation better.

  • How long will I take to get better?

    Global Wellness believes that the well-being is directly related with a healthy lifestyle: healthy spine, physical exercise and adequate nutrition. The alignments must be seen as a preventive measure, not just a curative one. Only then can one guarantee their well-being on a continuing basis.

    If your quality of life is already being affected by a misaligned spine, your recovery period will depend on a number of factors:

    • How long have you been witnessing the symptoms/pain
    • The severity of your situation and of the associated clinical history
    • If you regularly exercise or not
    • If you comply or not with the recommendations of the Global Wellness specialist.

    Similarly to what happens with physical exercise, after concluding a program of Postural Correction, one should continue to attend a maintenance program so as to maintain a healthy spine and a proper functioning of the nervous system and associated organs.

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